Design-Develop-er with a ♥ for building usable & delightful experiences.

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  • Defined and scaled Design Technology as the first DT hire. Built internal tooling for figma, prototyping frameworks, & improved company design standards through shipping production code for the huddles launch.
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Y Media Labs
  • Blurring the lines between product, design, and development.
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  • A web development agency proud to show its progressive values on its sleeves.
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  • Creators, your stage is waiting. Grow your audience with live video Q&As, interviews, summits, webinars and more.
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Destiny the Game
  • To launch the latest title from Activision & Bungie, we had to create something to set Destiny apart in a crowded shooter market.
  • Visit siteWebby Award
Bay Area Canine Club
  • Marketing & web application to schedule and manage services for San Francisco's premier dog care company.
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Texting with Cancer
  • A community and talent marketplace for game devs.
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Blue Man Group

A couple brands I've been fortunate to work with. #NameDrop

Please reach out to me privately for more work samples.

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