Product and User Experience Design & Development

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Destiny the Game
  • Design and Development
  • To launch the latest title from Activision & Bungie, we had to create something to set Destiny apart in a crowded shooter market.
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COD: Advanced Warfare
  • Design and Development
  • Teaser and launch site for the 11th game in the Call of Duty series.
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Destiny Selfie
The Basement Reno
  • Design and Development
  • The Basement is an unexpected experience of the senses located beneath the historic 1933 U.S. Post Office in Reno, NV.
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Texting with Cancer
Before We Met
  • Design / Development
  • Five years ago a girl reached out to a guy about the ad agency he worked for. A ridiculous number of emails were exchanged, then somehow I-love-yous. Three weeks later he was on a plane to meet her.
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  • Design / Development
  • Electorum is a markov chain lorem ipsum generator that pulls from 2016 campaign election speaches. The api also powers a chatbot that tweets a randomly generated line once every hour. Created in collaboration with@serifsheriff
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  • Design and Development
  • Crime.wav is an online installation that examines the increasingly blurred lines between the real and virtual worlds.
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Blue Man Group
  • Motion Graphics
  • I was recruited by Obscura Digital to help create animated assets for live performance projection mapping.
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Motion & Film Reel
  • Motion Graphics
  • Reel of my recent motion graphics work.
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A couple brands i've been fortunate to work with. #NameDrop

Please reach out to me privately for more work samples.

  • nike
  • visa
  • google
  • audi
  • busch
  • activision
  • bungie
  • avis
  • levis
  • aol
  • ouya
  • razer
  • vevo
  • ducati
  • eyefluence

Things i'm building with my free time. #Nerd


    Design / Development

    Angular Application that surfaces Stock Market Education, Investing, and Technical Analysis videos; Curated and updated live.

  • Shabam

    Design / Development

    Behavior management tool focused on creating a natural and seemless communication layer between children, parents, and technology.